Masjid Umar, Leicester, UK

In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful - All praise is due solely to Allah, Lord of the worlds.
Peace and Blessings on our Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Coronavirus Update

Daily Salaah and Jumu'ah Prayers

Due to confirmation of COVID-19 in the immediate vicinity and the public health implications it is with deep regret and sorrow that the Masjid Umar services will be suspended with immediate effect. This includes Jumu'ah and Jamaat prayers until further notice.

May the Almighty have mercy on us all. We pray our Lord saves us and protects us from this calamity that has befallen us. Ameen

Further updates will be posted on this webiste as the situaton evolves over the coming days and weeks.

Madrasah Classes

Due to the uncertainty regarding the Coronavirus, we have been advised to take certain precautionary measures in the best interest of everyone’s health and wellbeing. Therefore, we have decided to close the Madrasah from Friday 20th March 2020 and we will resume back to normal on Monday 20th April 2020

Advice is changing on a day to day basis. In the event of any further changes, please regularly check our website ( where we will keep you updated.

To minimise disruption to the Madrasah curriculum, we have set out timetabled work for each student to continue working on from home for the period of two weeks (week commencing 23/03/2020). In addition to the work set, if your child is struggling with any of the content or need help and guidance, a teacher will be available for the duration of these two weeks.

If you need to contact us please call on 0116 2735529 Monday- Friday between 5pm-6.15pm

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