Booking a Nikkah

We recommend that Nikah is booked at least 3 weeks prior to the planned date. Please also be aware that the summer months are a busy time for Nikah ceremonies so please book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

To book Nikah please contact: Imtiaz Dassu 07801 256 259

Please download and complete the Nikah Form prior to calling to ensure you booking can take place.

Nikah restrictions during Covid-19

During the Covid 19 pandemic restrictions and safety measures are in place to perform Nikah in the Masjid, we humbly request that you follow the process below for the safety of all attendees, Jazak'ALLAH

  • Maximum of 30 people including the groom can attend the Nikah

  • Food or drink must not be distributed or consumed in the Masjid or the Masjid grounds

  • Nikah is available on a Friday 12:00 pm, Saturday or Sunday 11:00 am, we cannot accomodate any other days or times

  • There will be no Bayan/short talks prior to the Nikah

  • Please ensure social distancing is maintained at all times whilst in the Masjid

  • Do not shake hands or hug others

  • Vacate the Masjid promptly after Nikah has concluded, avoid congregating in groups in or around the Masjid area

  • Familarise yourself with the safety guideline posters on our home page beforehand

Documentation required with your completed Nikah form

  • Bride and Bridegroom's birth certificates and passports

  • If names have changed the original copy of the Deed Poll document

  • If previously divorced the original copy of the 'Decree Absolute' or Islamic/Sharia 'Talak' document

  • If widowed a copy of the former spouses death certificate

  • Original copy of the Civil Marriage Certificate

  • Nikah fee of £100 with your completed application form and relevant documentation