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2023 Appeal

£93,750 = 375 families raising £250 per family


    • A total of £93,750 is required to complete Phase 2
    • If 375 families donate £250 per family then we will achieve our target to complete Masjid-e-Tabuk Phase 2 and leave a lasting legacy for our community for future generations to come. If you are unable to raise £250 as a family then please donate whatever you can. Every £1 makes a difference
    • Involve your immediate and extended families in this noble cause, come together to contribute to raise £250 per family, everyone involved will benefit from lasting reward in the form of Sadqa-e-Jaariyah

Visit our donation page for further details on this project and the different donation methods that are available including secure online donations, standing orders, one off bank transfers and home collections. If you are a UK taxpayer please complete the Gift Aid declaration to add a further 25% to your donation at no additional cost to you.

JazakAllah Khair

Masjid Umar Management Committee 

Progress to date

Electrics 50%
Plumbing 50%
Plastering 60%
Heating System 75%
Flooring and Tiling 25%
Wudhu Facilities & Toilets 50%


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